Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SUP with your PUP

Today I am day dreaming of my last trip to California. All I can think about today is when we went Stand Up Paddle-boarding!! 

Living on the East Coast and dreaming of life on the West Coast some days we just can't help but try and bring a little Cali into our daily living. Since it will be exceptionally nice out this 4th of July weekend I was thinking we would hit up the good ole Hudson River with some 
Kayak's or Paddle-boards.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Follow Your Day Dream

For most of us work is just that, work. We get up go to our jobs come home and then indulge in our favorite hobbies. Just for a second stop and think about what it is you day dream about at work. 

When your mind starts to wander and your eyes blur, what are you thinking? Maybe a shopping trip, a vacation in another country, or a craft project you've been wanting to try. Stop and think, now take that thought and turn it into a reality. 

Follow your day dream and make your passion your work. There are plenty of ways to make your passions and loves in this world work for you. Start your own business, open and Etsy store, start a weekly meet-up. 

There are plenty of ways to make your dreams a reality.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get outta town

It seems to be the time of year where all you want to do is hit the road and get outta town. Spring has just begun but all the fun summer actives are still a little far on the horizon. 

What does this mean? It is a perfect time for a road trip! If you are in some of the colder states now is a great time to get away to warmer climates for a small weekend getaway! 

You would be surprised how far you can get in a long weekend. Get in the car with your BFF or your S.O. and get outta here. Pick a destination no farther than 6 hours away.

Drive until you get hungry, stop for a bite at a local restaurant or diner. Ask your server what cool things there are to do around there. Take a look or continue on your way.

Once you get to your destination, stop and take a look around, find something to do there (you picked it for a reason). Spend the night, either in a hotel or your car if you are on a budget.

Head home the next morning stopping for breakfast along the way and possibly a new adventure. 

Don't forget to get one cool random souvenir along the way to remember your awesome weekend trip! 

Have fun and remember to take some pictures!